iWindsor FAQ

* What Does FAQ Mean?

* What Do I Need to Put in MLS to Make Windsor HRN Work?

* Contract Quirks

* How do I change a Buyer's Status?

* How do I setup Internet Explorer to print Contracts?

* How Do I stop a Buyer From Getting Marketing Email?

* What if it I get an error that says a buyer is Already added?

* What if I get a message that a realtor is already added?

* What do the Coupons Look like that are sent to A, B and C prosepects?

* Download PrimoPDF

* How to do the Title Calculator


What Does FAQ Mean?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change a Buyer's Status?

The buyer's status gets set when you fill in the guest form. You can change that status when you add a buyer event. Once a buyer is submitting a contract, then you would fill out a demographic form. This would change their status to SC, or submitted contract. At this point you can't change their status any more. They will show up on a Contract tracking form controlled by Bill, the sales Manager. He will accept or reject contracts and then eventually he will CAN or Close a contract.

What Do I Need to Put in MLS to Make Windsor HRN Work?

To Keep our Automated MLS Posting Working, there are a few things to remember
1. Post in Triad MLS When Ever Possible (it works the best)
2. Put the Plan name in your Public Remarks(remarks in Triangle)
(if it has a roman numeral list it with a regular number, like Seagrove 1 or Midland 2) **See List below. This is necessary because it pulls from a text field and it would pull Seagrove III as Seagrove I and miss the other two.
3. On Coastal MLS if your plan is a Jackson or a Wilmington, you need to have "The Jackson" or "The Wilmington" in your remarks. It gets confused with the Cities Wilmington and Jacksonville. 4. Post at least one picture, even if it has to be a rendering
5. If there is no lot field, put the lot in parenthesis after the street name. For example: 182 Houstin Str. (Lot 123). You can put (BE Lot 123) if you want
6. If Bill Sims isn't listed on the property then you need to put a WH2001 at the end of public notes (Only on Triad if listed in both)
7. Please help watch your listings in HRN on the windsor website. Especially check price, lot number and status.
8. If you list a house with windsor that is general brokerage put a WREG all in caps in the notes and it will block it from showing on Windsor's HRN.

**Floorplans that need a regular number included in your public remarks (remarks in Triangle) to show a link
Belhaven 3, Cary 2, Cary 3, Cotswold 1, Cotswold 3, Liberty 1, Liberty 2, Midland 1, Midland 2, Pembroke 1, Pembroke 3, Pinehurst 3, Seagrove 1, Seagrove 2, Somerset 3, and Stoddard 2

Contract Quirks

If you make changes to the Addendum A you need to save the contract and come back in for the Total to update

How to Setup Internet Explorer for printing contract documents

Open internet explorer
File – page setup
Change margin size to .5 on all sides
Set headers and footers to empty
Text size (under view) should be set to medium

How Do I stop a Buyer From Getting Marketing Email?

Any buyer who has a status of P (protected), SC (submitted contract), UC (under contract), CD (closed) will not receive marketing emails.

What if it I get a message that says a buyer is Already added?

Do a buyer lookup to verify that it is the same person. If it's not but they have the same name, add a middle initial or name with the first name. If it is the same buyer, you should add a buyer event.

What if I get a message that a Realtor is already added?

Use the search on the realtor registration form to find the realtor's name. If you can't then look under Unregistered Realtors. If you find them there verify their information, especially license number, email and phone and register them. Note, If a Realtor uses the registration under realtor rewards or if they are added with the buyer guest for they will need to be verified.

What do the Coupons Look like that are sent to A, B and C prosepects?

W Coupon: https://windsorhomes.us/i/coupon_2500_off_closing.jpg
A Coupon: https://windsorhomes.us/i/coupon_4800_in_closing_costs.jpg
B Coupon: https://windsorhomes.us/i/coupon_stainless_steele_upgrade.jpg
C Coupon: https://windsorhomes.us/i/coupon_stainless_appliance_60_day.jpg

Note: There is a check box on the Guest registration that will block email with coupons in them.

Download PrimoPDF
Here’s where you get it Download

Click Down Load Now (green button)
Cream bar at top my blip at you, if so, click on it and select download file
Window will pop up – select Run
It will take about a minute to run
Then click open
Then PrimoPDF window will pop up – Select Run again
English – OK
Welcome to the PrimoPDF Setup Wizard – click Next
I agree to the license
Check the toggle, I do not want to install Linkbury Smartbar – then click install
It may ask you to install .net framework, if it does just say next, next next or ok ok ok
You can register with real or not so real info – Next
Click Finish

How do you use PrimoPDF?
Open what ever you want to print
Then click File Print – select PrimoPDF as the printer
You’ll get a Streamline nag – I always say no and check don’t ask me
Bottom center there will be a button that says Create PDF – click that
It will pop up a save as dialog – put in your location
Then say ok
It will take a few moments then the PDF will open.

Where to Find the Title Inurance Calculator?
go to
Click on resources - then rate calculator
Click on the original rate calculator
Policy Rate Method at Regular
Fill in Owner (Lender) Coverage amount and Mortgagee (Buyer) coverage (if loan isn't the same amount as the total purchase price).
Make sure and check all three boxes for Alta (5, 8.1 and 9).
Don't check the box for exclude ICL coveragge in premium calculation
Leave the last three boxes alone and click calculate.